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        News Center

        • 2022-10-08

        The company's annual production of 2 million sets of electric vehicles, motorcycles, auto parts construction project Environmental protection enterprises self acceptance publicity

        1、 Basic information of the construction project of 2 million sets of electric vehicles, motorcycles and auto parts per year
        Project name: Construction Project of Taizhou Bodyguard Auto Industry Co., Ltd. with an Annual Output of 2 Million Electric Vehicles, Motorcycles and Auto Parts
        Construction content: the total investment of the project is 50 million yuan, and the environmental protection investment is 230000 yuan
        Construction unit: Taizhou Bodyguard Automobile Co., Ltd
        Construction site: Xinqiao House, Xinqiao Town, Luqiao District, Taizhou City
        Prepared by Zhejiang Dongtianhong Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd
        2、 Implementation of environmental protection
        On June 10, 2014, the Road and Bridge Branch of Taizhou Environmental Protection Bureau approved the project (TLHJ [2014] No. 65) and agreed to implement the project. The project implemented the environmental impact assessment system and the "three simultaneities" system. There is no production wastewater in the project, and a small amount of domestic sewage is discharged after treatment; The smoke and dust generated by the soldering machine and the chip mounter are collected in a centralized manner and then discharged overhead. The lampblack generated in the canteen is treated by the lampblack purifier meeting the environmental requirements and then discharged overhead. The general solid wastes of the project have been properly disposed.
        3、 Monitoring results
        Taizhou Xintai Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has carried out environmental monitoring for the project. See the monitoring report for the results.
        4、 Publicity website:
        Publicity column: news center top
        Publicity time: November 10, 2017 to December 9, 2017. If you have any objection to the environmental protection acceptance of the project, please give a written or oral feedback to the Road and Bridge Branch of Taizhou Environmental Protection Bureau before December 9, 2017.
        5、 Contact:
        Taizhou Environmental Protection Bureau Road and Bridge Branch 0576-82908907 or 0576-82581126
        Address: Housing Management Building, Wenhua Road, Luqiao District, Taizhou, Zhejiang